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Job post: Copywriter for Luxury Photo Print Brand

Part-time / Freelance | Shanghai, China

CV & works & cover (in English) to:


The ideal candidate has 2+ years experience, is self-motivated, and pursues perfect content.

  • Deep knowledge and experience using WordPress publishing software

  • Basic Photoshop knowledge

  • Fluent in English & Chinese

  • 2+ years experience in Chinese copywriting

Job description:

  • Freelance position based on 33% of full time, ~13.3 hours per week.

  • Create and establish copywriting structure

  • Write journals under specific topics

  • Source imagery and work with our dynamic design and photography team

  • Prepare journals in Chinese, plus 30% translations

  • Take an active role in team brainstorming sessions

  • Receive technical training / support from tech team


  • CNY 2,500/m

  • International creative+tech company & multicultural background

  • Chance to work with great / smart people from all over the world

  • Be part of a energetic, international start-up team

  • Responsibility comes with freedom

  • Great working environment and location in Shanghai's French Concession

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